Hi Guys... I have a Traxxas Ken Block, Revo 5309, Vorza and a Savage X... I`ve installed the tqi receiver in all of my Cars.. All of then was working properly but this weekend i had some troubles with tqi in my Savage... I used Revo, Fiesta and Vorza but my trothle servo gone crazy in Savage X... I thought the problem was the servo then i tooked out that one and installed another one from better quality... The problem persists... Consequently the problem is with the TQI Receiver because in another cars it was running fine... I lost 2 steering servos in this car and i don`t want to loose anymore...
The setting in my Savage is:
TQI receiver with REVO setup
Servos Burned (hpi sf50 and 2 tower pro mg996)
I'm in the second receiver(TQI) because i thought the trouble was in the first receiver.
The first tqi receiver burned sf50 and one mg996
The second receiver burned one mg996.