Well, I took my boat out today, and it blew up. Yes, my heart is broke, but I got to say...it went out with style. Lately, I have been running two 3s lipo batteries packs in it, and decided I would do the mod you guys have been telling me about. I installed a two port rudder, added a water outlet, a 62mm cooling jacket, and the necessary tubing. I tested it by blowing in each port, and by putting in the pool to check for leaks. All checked good. Today, when I put it in the water I went in a "8" patteren to be able to check to see if both ports would continuously work during my first run. Everything looked good. It was running for about 15 minutes, and then it stoped. I gave it a shot of throttle, it moved about two feet, then it blew up by catching on fire. I took it out of the water, and temp tested my batteries 120 degrees, motor 132 degrees, and the ESC was fried.

When I got it home, my lube looked good, my tubes looked good, but my motor was hard to turn with my fingers. When I took my motor apart the magnet had shattered. I tested the thermistor with a heat gun, and no mater how long I let it cook it tested open. I checked the continuity from both sides of the resistor to the plug pins & that all looked good. So, I don't know if the motor just happen to take a poop, cuz it was only at 132 degrees. Or, it was a hole lot hoter, the thermistor didn't work, it pooped, and then cooled down by the time I went after it.

I would like to get another one, cuz I'm a sucker for man toys, but I have to mull it over in my mind. My wife wants me to (she wears the skirts in the family), and got me this one. Anyway, that's my story, and I'm going to stick to it.