Well, I'm really enjoying upgrading my Slayer, so far I've got the Traxxas sway bar kit and Pro Line Epic Beadlock Wheels and Pro Line Switch tires. I've been looking around Rcplanet.com and now I have a few questions.... Is the Traxxas vented steel brake disk any better than the stock one? And I've noticed a little "slop" in my steering, I've traced it down to where the servo arm is scewed into the servo... Why is that loose? I've tighted down the screw nice and tight, but there is still some play. Is there a way I can fix it? Or is it just normal wear and tear? I'm saving up for the Traxxas center diff and rear brake kit, and is it worth the $50? I've also noticed that RPM makes steering knuckes for the revo, would they fit on my Slayer? And are they worth getting? Sorry for asking so many questions, I just love making my Slayer better! Thanks! -Wolfslash16