im still new to the rc world.....i got a late start at 33 years old... 3 months ago when I got my summit I was super impressed...after the first day I got the series connector and ran two nimhs...that made it even sweeter!!! I kept hearing all the hype about lipos but man they are expensive, esp the charger... but I got the upgrade bug in a big way so i broke down and got a lipo charger and 2 2200 mah traxxas lipos....i ran them in parralel and was super impressed with the run time but in series my nims seemed to be faster... I just got my first traxxas 3s lipo today . HOLY CRAP!!!!! my summit has nitous now!!!! the only thing i dont like is its run time....1400 mah...seriously traxxas...MAKE A BIGGER MAH 3s..... please!!!! Also I noticed my motor gettin a lil hot.. I dont want to gear slower so I need a good fan setup for the motor. any suggestions??? I have a fan on the esc but im afraid running 2 fans is gonna cut my run time even shorter and with only 1400 mah to start with Id rather try something else oh, and I already have the heat sink for the motor..... is there a better motor that would handle the 3s power and not get hot so quickly??? I dont do alot of top speed runs but i do like to go FAST when i want to mostly its just hard acceleration (thats why i dont wanna gear down, it backflips easy enough already) any suggestions are greatly appr. and anyone who reads this that is questioning going lipo.....DONT QUESTION IT ANYMORE..... just do it youll love it