Got my slayer not to long ago, broke it in correctly put a few mods on it and just can't find that tune. I put the single chamber resonator from traxxas roar legal added the motor saver filter (really works hour of driving in dusty conditions the outer filter ha barely no dirt on it) put a Robinson racing slipper clutch on after I blew out one of the stock pads and put the integy evo-5 clutch on the engine. The engine stalls at idle after about 30 seconds to a minute Boggs at take offs. Plenty of blue smoke coming out runs about 120 degrees to 160 degrees rarely and it gives me issues restarting after running for awhile is the engine running too rich??? I've owned a few nitro vehicles in the past (duratrax nitro quake and the nitro Mt with the .15) and tuned plenty of carbs on regular vehicles but this one is being stubborn. The truck has had some pretty hard hits but no visible damage.