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Thread: Tires and rims

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    Tires and rims

    I run on grass and and gravel/loose dirt, so my question is what tires should i use for this runningg combo i know i wan to use desperado rims and i have no clue what 1/2 offset means so let me know what tires you guys think are the best combo for these rims and what offset means, thanks
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    off set the easyest way to look at it, the more the off set the wider your truck stance will be.
    The Summit Geodes have around 3/4" off set, so my Revo stance is now 17" wide....
    tires......17 pages to look thru..
    I like the Badlands, lite tires, good bit, & not to hard on drive shafts & other parts......
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    In the RC world, any offset means the wheel sticks out further. So a wheel with 1/2" offset sticks out 1/2" further than a wheel with zero offset. In real 1:1 cars, this is referred to as negative offset.

    In the diagram below, the negative offset wheel sticks out further from the car body. This is like having 1/2" or more offset in RC language. If you notice, zero means the hub mounts directly in the center line of the wheel.

    And I'd go for Badlands to fit on Desperado/Traxxas wheels. Or if you can find them the old Proline 40 Series Mulchers.

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    Very instructive.

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    I just put a set of Badlands on mine with the Desperado 1/2" offset rim. The truck is now a little wider which makes for better handling. They really do hook up well on the dirt. There appearance is a little different because they are narrower than most monster truck tires, but that's why they hook up so well. Same idea as a good snow tire. Just don't run them hard on pavement.

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