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    SLAYER TRX 3.3 engine problem

    My slayer is 1 month old . I did the break in procedure (traxxas method) and after the break in i tuned it. for the first few week she was running beautifully!!! took care of the motor and cleaned her up and did the after run procedure on the engine . Then When you see asterisks, it means you've tripped the language filter, please review your posts, if you see asterisks, you have 45 minutes to edit them out, then the system prevents editing broke loose!!! She starts up fine and idles really nice but the problem is when i HIT half throttle she looses power and hesitates.SHE DOSE NOT STALL but she just hesitates on 1/2 to full throttle and She wont even go 2nd gear anymore. I really dont know whats going on here . Some of you might say that i might be running TOO LEAN. But thats not the case bc ive richen her up and it still does the same thing. I even returned her to factory settings!!! I did some research on line and majority says that its running too lean But i already eliminated that problem by richen the HSN and by returning it to factory settings (4 turns OUT from closed). I already replaced the glow plug but she still having the same problem. I was thinking maybe the fuel line is clogged but everything seems to be in order. if some one pls can help me i would really appreciate it . I really dont want to buy a new engine for this ($150) bc the original engine is brand new!!! I will be posting a video on youtube and add the link on this thread !! IM A NOOB TO NITRO RC
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    Welcome to Nitro!

    In your manual it discuss's the point of tuning for performance.... One of the biggest assumptions is that the factory carb settings are OK to run with and you just need to tune the ONE HSN needle...

    Things could not be further from the truth. The LSN and the HSN both need tuning. Just living in a different location would make your tune different, same if you are using a different brnad or Nitro% of fuel...

    I highly recommend to read over the tuning for performance section, the section on how the carb works too.

    Sounds like you've not done the pinch test on your Low speed needle, that will affect how your high speed needle works as well. They are dependent on each other for overall performance.

    Here's a copy of a tuning guide to go along with your manual, Read over it well and you should get you problem resolved.... But the longer you run your engine without a decent tune, the more risk you take of damaging the internals...
    Here's the tuning sticky.

    And this is the best way I know how to show how these needles work together...

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    Check your fuel lines for cracks or damage. Also your fuel tank.
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