I am building another 1/16 fiesta and am going to put bb in it. I was hoping to get some opinions as wether to get traxxas or tenbol mount, the tenbol mount looks like a nicer piece, but with traxxas mount i can use 550 plate and gear cover which i dont think i can do with tenbol mount, anyone know if one is a better heat sink than the other, and if one provides better motor position for weight distribution?

Also I am either going to run same velinion setup thats in
my stampede 4x4 vxl or castle creations mamba max pro 57Sandine00 system, and I am open to suggestions, user experiencez, and am curious if my motor plate (not mount) and gear cover will work with either systems,.and is one better
for not overheating in the other.

In my ken block i run the fancy gtr shocks with 50 weight up front and 70 weight in rear with firmest springs, will i have to run heavier weight in shocks due to added weight, also in ken block i will
e running 10k silicone in diffs, would i have to run different weight in diffs in bb fiesta due to heavier car.

Lastly, anyone knowif fiesta body or proline focus st body will still fit with bigger motor and speed controller. I would greatly appreciate any advice or information.

Thanks in advance,
David Sandine