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    Slash to Slayer?

    I have a 2wd slash and was wondering if it is possible to convert it to a slayer? I understand I would change a lot but would like to know if it has been done

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    Um, I don't think it would be possible, I can't think of even one part execpt the screws and maybe the servos that the Slash has the same with the Slayer. If you like electric, you can get a E-Revo roller and put some Slayer arms, drvshafts, wheels, etc. and the Slayer body on it to get a electric Slayer. I that has been done before, or you can just do what I did. Go out and buy a Slayer. Hope this helps!
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    You might be able to convert it to a 4X4 slash that would be close to a slayer. I really don't know if it's possible or not you might want to ask on the slash forum.
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    Has not been done. There is very,very little that is the same. The best route is to sell yours and buy a Slayer or if you want electric, go with Wolf's idea.
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    heres one of each
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