I just picked up my new ERBE a couple days ago and I also picked up the 79 Ford Supercab body for it. It has been raining here in Md so I haven't had a chance to run my ERBE yet but I have been busy fitting my new body. The wheel wells line up perfect on the truck but the front bumper mount had to be extended.

First I traded out the stock body posts for a set of ProLine extended body posts. Next I removed the wing and installed the RPM rear bumper mount and bumper. When I started lining up the wheel wells on the truck I realized that the front bumper would end up behind the body... after considering my options I came up with an easy fix. I used a combination of the RPM rear bumper mount and the stock Traxxas front bumper mount.

I hope to be able to get some paint on the body today. It will be a Grave Digger inspired paint job using black and green paint. I will be posting pictures later....

The power for the truck will come from a new pair of SPC 5400mah 50c 2s packs. I also purchased a sway bar kit that I will be installing while the paint dries.