I have had my Rustler VXL for a while now and I am now looking for a new RC car to get. At first I was set on getting the 1/10th Summit, but now i noticed that I could get a 1/16th Summit VXL and a 1/16th E-revo VXL for just a little more money. I know that the 1/16th's perform nothing like the 1/10th's, but it it really that much worse. I was going to use the 1/1th Summit for crawling and walking behind on trails, and keep my Rustler for jumping and bashing since I hear those were the Summit's weak points. Any advice will help and I am also open to getting a different Traxxas offroad rc car (except nitro) if there is a better car you like (and why), except cars with the mamba monster since it is not water proof. Thanks