Well, my fuel tank is leaking a little now, and I was going to replace it with a stock one, but then I remebered the ofna violater fuel tank upgrade that fixes the first 5-10 min of running rich before it leans out. I have had the rich bog in that ruins my tune until half a tank of nitro, and it's really frustrating. Can anyone give me the spec on the ofna violater fuel tank? Like how much it costs, and if it will fit on my slayer? What is the best upgrade fuel tank that will fit my slayer without too much modding? I really don't like moving and cutting things... Another question I have for you guys in the traxxas titanium pivot balls any better then the stock ones? I know they are lighter then the stock ones, but will they hold up to wear and tear better then the stock ones? Or are they not worth the extra cost? Thanks in advance guys! -Wolfslash16