Hey guys (mods move if this isnt in the right place) i was wondering what i need regarding a merv to KB convertion. I already have body post and body. I also have, sold as rally and or ken block and mustang front and rear suspension arms and toe links
I dont have shocks but i have mini revo and mini summit shock. Can i use either them shocks on my kb and if so what springs should i use to run on my KB set up. can i use other 1/16th traxxas cars springs if i cant get kb specific springs. and what other traxxas cars springs are sutable to run on my KB?
Also what rockers do i need, KB specific or any 1/16th cars? Mini revo rockers the same by any chance?

Thanks guys, help appreciated. Just gotta suss this out before i order shocks or springs with my next order.
Btw yes i also have the KB tyres and wheels