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    Fan selection for VXL ESC & Motor?

    Hi guys, now that I have the temps under control through the pinion swap and tranny flip, I would like to add a fan setup. I've heard the integy heatsink/fan has issues, I have the traxxas heatsink on my motor - so I'm
    wondering if anybody has a fan mfg of choice or if the larger traxxas fan (with some mods) is a good unit.
    The toyz seem to be out of stock on their fan/heat sink.

    Would like either a large fan to pass air over ESC and Motor or 2 smaller fans.

    This guy's setup maybe overkill, but looks solid.


    I measured the 380 with the Traxxas blue heatsink (which I really like, it wraps around pretty far and seems to extract heat nicely) and see its very close in diameter to a 540 I'm going to order the castle mamba fan setup designed for a 540 ( which (hopefully) will clamp right on to the traxxas heatsink. I also ordered a 30mm much more fan which I plan to install to face both the esc and motor where the current servo is mounted and move the servo to the other side.

    I will let everybody know if this works. Parts should take 3 days to get.

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