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    Question Stripped screw. In need of some serious advise on removal...

    Hello, how's it going everyone? I've got a real problem here and need some serious help...
    I purchased my xo-1 used about two weeks ago and so far everything has been perfect. Well, today I recieved a call from a buddy who has worked his magic and actually reserved us 25min run way time at the local airport. Being that I had yet to find a location large enough to run the car unlocked, I still had the stock gearing on. I rushed home, got out the tool box and started the swap. Has everything removed and got to the pinion gear, and lo and behold, IT'S STRIPPED. Yes, stripped. The screw holding the gear on the motor mount is supposed to be an Allen head screw, however, mine is nearly rounded.

    My initial thought was anger and quickly realized no matter how furious I got, the screw still needed to be removed. I went to lowes and tried to find a back out screw, but they were all too large. My dad suggest a drill press but idk much about those...

    Could a local hobby shop fix this? Could I fix this on my own? Please give me some advise on rectifying this situation... Any/all advise will be GREATLY APPRECIATED...

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    drill it out but watch out for the shaft on the motor , or if you have a dremel with a small enough bit could probably make a flat line into the set screw and use a flat head .. I have had some luck pushing down hard into the screw and trying to turn it but if its lockedtite too much then goodluck , cheaper to replace the set screw then the whole pinion ,

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    I would think you could use a tiny amount of JB weld on the end of an Allen wrench. Put it in the screw let it harden then turn it out slowly. That should remove the small screw. Good luck!

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    If you live near by you're more than welcome to use my drill press to get the sucker out.

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    Cut the pinion off. I've had to do that several times. Not to my XO-1 but to other cars.

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    You dont need to sacrifice a pinion. Just heat the grub screw up i normally use a little gas torch that i use on heat shrink. when you have heated it sufficently to break any loctite, grab a very small drill and carefully start drilling into the grub screw. The trick is to stop before you hit the motor shaft. That is the easiest and cheapest way.

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