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    Took my pede to a indoor track hard clay for the first time. They let me run it with another division but I was the only Traxxas there. They gave me a set of tires to use. I love my pede but this was the wrong place to race it. All the fast cars were buggys. Are all tracks clay? I am going to San Diego with it soon, I know there will be places to use it on sand or gravel but hoping there will be tracks that I can use it on.

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    Not sure in your area,but no not all tracks are clay. What kind of tires did the give you?
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    Well you will need to do some suspension tuning to successfully run on a track. Stampedes have a very high center of gravity as well as the suspension isn't set up for racing. Look at the jangs shape shifter 1/10 truggy set up. That will give you a great starting point for springs and oils as well as diff oil weights.

    As far as the track being clay. It doesn't matter you will have no luck on a dirt track either until you do some tuning.
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    My local track is just plain dirt.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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