Well, I've been on here for a few days now, and joined mainly because every time I had a question for the great and mighty Google about what I needed next I was pointed in this direction.
And as I have pretty much finished converting the brushed edition to the brushless edition with the 2200KV Mamba kit, I'm going to be breaking a lot of parts, so I'm gonna need a lot of help strengthening things. And that is what everyone here seems to be good at.

As well as converting the power plant I also decided to hop it up/bling it out a little.
Originally I had only done the two speed conversion to help with the steep river banks we have here, which was an awesome challenge. But then I wanted to go faster so I replaced the motor. On the way I went for the P3 set up all round with the red T6 push rods, and even matched them with the red Tubes toe-links. Stiffer spring (Silver on the front and Blue on the rear(pretty much LT set-up)) and the anti-sway set-up - all just to help me not flip on tarmac and it has changed it IMMENSELY.

I've always been a brushless/LiPo fan, as soon as I learned of brushless as an option I went for a Yeah-Racing kit in my legacy Rustler - loved it to bits, literally. Not long after that (well a few years later) I bought the Revo from the Albury Hobby Centre after eyeing it off for a few visits. Now here it is.