I just got my Ipod all set up yesterday. I'm running a 21 tooth gear so I punched in 2.1904 for my gear ratio. Well anyway I made a couple of runs last night in front of my house. Its not really a smooth road but I'm used to it. One run it showed 88 mph. I figured I was getting alot of wheel spin so I made another run with easing into the throttle more. 86mph this time. I kept showing 85mph plus everytime. This is only in maybe 350 feet too. I know everyone always talks about wheel spin but theres no way it is doing that because when I get wheel spin I always crash. So how far off is the telemetry ?? When I hold the car in the air it runs 111 mph. If with a 34 tooth gear in the car it runs 100 mph is this 1 mph per tooth ?? So running this 21 tooth gear am I really geared for 87 ?? Have you guys fudged the gear ratio to get the telemetry more accurate ??