Hey guys, ive been tinkering around a little bit, and i found a pretty good way to mock up the RPM bumper mount the the Proline transmission. I originally posted this on the rcshortcourse forums, and i felt you guys would like to see this too.

Lenman73, that is the exact reason i race my slash. I love the sound when the announcer says a traxxas (insert name here) is beating them.
Back on topic, guys, i have some wonderful news.
I was messing around with the transmission i just received from tower hobbies, and i think i found a pretty good way to mount up the rpm bumper mount! so far there is one semi-weak spot, but it can be fixed. This is the first mock up, so some screws need to be shorter, and a little finessing it will be needed. So far, its looking good!
Sorry if the quality isnt to good, im using an ipod touch for the pictures. Sometime later i will get my 16 mp camera for more detail.

The little link you see there is actually just a slash 4x4 sway bar link.

If you might ask, "thecoolman101, why isnt that link straight?" well, if you look on the side of the transmission, there is a little round peice that bulges out, for the inside bearing to fit. Well, unless i do some trimming to the link or the transmisson, the link will not go far down enough. another solution is the bend the link, but ill try trimming the end first.
This is what i mean-

This is whats getting in the way-

You can easily see how i mounted one end of the link to the bumper mount but its not easy to see how the other end is mounted. That consists of a longer screw, 3 of the 4 small washers the proline kit comes with, and the ball end has one of the bump steer balls in it to have the depth of the countersinking dealt with.

another view-

When mounting the bumper mount, There are two very long screws comming with the kit. I am using these in the exact way as a regular traxxas mount. One difference is the small spacer for the gap when mounting it to the transmission. I used one of the small washers to get a little more of the gap filled, as it wouldnt mount straight.

These are the screws and spacers im talking about-

bottom, using the long screws-

That is essentially how i mocked up the rpm bumper mount. Please tell me if you have any questions, or improvements you think can be made.

Also, if you are wondering, The chassis im using is a thunder tech racing "outlaw" that had the sides cut down.