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    Looking for new wheel and tires...

    Well, the stock tires on my slayer are slowly giving up the ghost. Parts of the tires are coming un-glued from the rims, and the chrome is flaking/rubbing off of the rims, making it look strange. For new tires, I want to get some bedlock tires, because I HATE having the tires come un-glued. Secondly, I want the tires to be good on the street, and on dirt/grass. I was thinking of getting some pro line epic rims or some pro line sixer rims from I like the look of the pro line sixers more, and the cost two times less then the pro line epics. For tires I was thinking of getting some pro line switchs. What are the best tire and bead lock rims combo that will fit on my slayer? Will some proline switch tires fit on the pro line sixer rims? Will the pro line sixer rims even fit on my slayer? In the end I want my truck to look like this one.
    Thanks for the help! -Wolfslash16
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