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    My XO-1 mods

    Bought an XO-1 off of a seller on ebay a couple of weeks ago and I have to say WOW... Seriously??? Not bashing on Traxxas or anything but hmmm... This thing is suppose to go 100+ with all the slop/play everywhere?

    The car is now completely stripped and the modding process has begun Time to make this thing a 100+ arrow…

    1st the main source of the problem, the front steering block and that funky screw with the the built in bushing? I’m replacing the screw/bushing with 3x6x2.5 flanged bearings. Since it’s a 5mm opening and the smallest OD flanged bearing is 6mm I’m reaming it out to 6mm top and bottom.

    Get the best and highest ABEC rated bearings (not ceramic guys) cause it will take some beating @ 100+. You don’t wanna go cheap here cause the last thing you would want this car to fail on you while driving is the steering… Next lathe the steering block down evenly on both top and bottom and you’re done!!!

    Add shims in the right places to reduce binding and achieve silky sexy smooth slop free steering!!!

    2nd problem arms and pins. Diametor of the pins is 3.16mm while the holes in the arms they're 3.27mm

    Ream the holes out to 3.49mm and pick up some 3.5mm shock shafts and cut it down to size

    Waiting for a few more parts and more mods coming soon ENJOY

    $20 Air cooled 12V .08mah draws with 17cfm 34cfm combined.

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