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    Summit has arrived

    My Kawasaki ed Summit arrived today. BTW I see a lot of threads from new Kawasaki Summit owners recently. Dont know if its coincidence or there was a huge special on them. I think I got a decent deal but whatever. Obviously I have ????'s Since Kawasaki ed does not come with LVD I was wondering what the best option is. I know traxxas offers to upgrade for $50 bucks but I dont think I want to spend more money right now.Second question is, what are safe running motor temps? On my P4de I have a motor fan and an ESC fan. Is there such a thing for the Summit? if so what are good fans to run.
    Thank you for your help. I cant wait to run this beast. pix and videos to come.
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    The cheapest option to run lipos is to get a $4 LVA (low voltage alarm) On e-bay. They just plug into the balance plug on the lipo (you only need one on the BEC side of the ESC) and make a loud beeping noise when the voltage gets low. The good ones have an LCD read out that tells you the voltage of the pack in real time and the LVA level is adjustable. The cheap ones are not adjustable and have no readout. They're like $3 shipped. The good ones are $4 or $5 shipped and worth the extra $2... Also, by 2... they are SO useful to just have around. I always seem to find a use for mine. Weather its running them in my boat, using them as a back up alarm on an ESC with questionable LVC or loaning a lipo to a friend in a non LVC equipped truck... they are a great tool to have.

    The summit can be run pretty much all day with stock gearing and no heat issues. I have never over heated mine with stock gearing weather I'm running full throttle in high for a long time, or running low gear for 2 straight hours. You shouldn't have a problem if you leave the truck alone. Its perfect just how it is.

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    thanks ksb
    lva would be my choice, that is what I use...
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    That is the one I have my buddy using for his eMaxx.
    Works great!!
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