Ok people so im pretty new at nitro rc cars me and my father bought a asmman terrier (the cheapest theres on the market) just to try it out once i realized i liked it i bought a ninco just for myself thing is
asmman aways gave me a lot of problems i mean the engine was completly ruin in the first day (consequence of the shop keeper dint teach me to do the first break in) i bought a new engine and it stoped working in 2
days the servos were in ruin after one moth of playng with it, now with the ninco its a completly diferent
thing a play with it most every day and i only broke the suspension once. i dint bought the ninco and the
asmman in the same store and the store i bought the ninco had a revo 3.3 on display i really whanted a
traxxas cus some friends of mine who play with cars much longer than i said there the best ive been
searching in the web and i really liked the revo 3.3 and with any luck il buy it next weekend now thing is i
heard there are many versions of the revo, in principe the store keeper donsent have the color i whant so il ask him to order me a new one (i orredy asked him if he could order me a new one when the time comes and he said: as long as theres in stock it would onli take 3 days to get me one) but im afraid i
accidentaly buy an older version i mean sice im giving 650 euros i whant the latest one i hope someone know someway to know for ssure im buyng the latest one i hope u anwer fast and thank u very much.

ps: sry by any ortographic mistakes im not either from england or usa so its not perfect