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Thread: revo rockers ?

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    revo rockers ?

    hey guy i was looking to get some new rockers . question is , what do the numbers on them mean ? some of p them say 120p whaere others say 90p sa thah has got me stuck ordering because idk what is what
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    If you look in the pit pass section above you will learn what these mean.

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    120 LT summit while the 90 standard rockers for revo.
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    Straight from pit pass Revo tuning guide part 1:

    "Choosing the right rockers for your track condition is easy. There\'s a rocker set for any kind of surface imaginable. This is not to say that each rocker set won\'t handle a wide range of surfaces, but each one is designed to better suit each type of surface you\'ll encounter.
    P1 Rockers (standard) (90T P1) - For rough terrain use such as rocks, curbs, branches, and tracks with jagged and uneven surfaces. This is the rocker set best suited for the roughest tracks out there. The long travel rockers can also be used for extreme conditions, but they do not handle jump landings as well as the P1 rockers. Use the P1\'s for really rough tracks.
    P2 Rockers (#5358) (90T P2) - This is my favorite rocker set for most racing conditions. The P2 rocker set combines just the right amount of progressiveness for quick response on the technical sections of a track, without sacrificing the suspension\'s ability to handle the rougher sections. The P2\'s are the most well-rounded rockers for the majority of today\'s nitro off-road racetracks.
    P3 Rockers (#5359) (90T P3) -The P3 rockers work extremely well on smooth tracks with smaller jumps. Small tracks with tight turns will appreciate the quick response delivered by these rockers. Be careful about changing track conditions, and keep a close check on the track\'s surface throughout the course of the day to see if the surface becomes pitted and broken up. If this happens, it would be advisable to switch back to P2 rockers. Use the P3\'s for smooth high-bite tracks.
    LT (long travel) Rockers (standard) (120LT) - I haven\'t really found a rough enough track condition that the P1 rockers couldn\'t handle. The LT rockers offer an insane amount of travel and plushness that works best on super chunky surfaces like those found at a construction site. The LT rockers lack the progressive bump handling traits of the 90mm rockers sets, which makes them a little more sluggish in the corners, and jump landings can be pretty harsh if landing from anything larger than a medium-sized jump. This is not to say that they won\'t work well for you on the track, but I prefer a more progressive feel to the suspension. I would stick to bashing and rock climbing with the LT rockers. Note that the LT rockers can be used for jumping, but require much heavier shock fluids to soak up the landings. These thick fluids are generally not ideal for track use."

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