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    Jakey, Pave and Cody's Ontario Canada Adventures.

    I wish I took more pics. But I was too busy driving. Jakey came to visit me for the week and we made it out to run our boats (until his dog chased his down and chomped holes in it), we ran Summits on my crawler course and we did a 2 hour trail crawl. It was a good week.

    My neighbour Cody has a brushless Emaxx and came along on our crawl. He did great considering he doesnt have locking diffs. I snapped a front drive shaft in the first 15 minutes of running. So I just locked the front diff and drove 'er in 3 wheel for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, it went NEARLY everywhere Jakeys summit went. Some places were a problem. But for just trail crawling it worked fine. Heres the pics:

    We started on my favourite creek section. Usually this has water in the bottom of it and you have to drive around the deep spots. But since its been so dry, the water was gone. Great spot to crawl.

    Then we made a stop at one of my favourite rock drops. You can crawl up the back of it... then drive down the face. Its sweet.

    Next we found a pretty sweet ledge. It was vertical and sharp with a nice roll up. Jakey managed to get a bit of air. Looked cool.

    Finally, a group pic at the point we finally turned around to go home. Jakey's driving the yellow beast that is pretty much ALL stock. This guy hasn't even seen new tires since the day it was unboxed. Stock motor and everything. And it still out runs my dewalt.
    My truck is the green one. T-bone skids, dewalt motor, Futaba servo, thats pretty much it.
    Cody is driving the black Emaxx. Its got an over seas 150amp brushless setup and an EZrun motor. Lots of rpm and some aluminum.

    Needless to say, we all ran SPC lipos. Jakey and I ran 8200's and made it a full 2 hours (almost to the minute) without hitting LVC. Cody was running some SPC 5400's and ran a set and a half.
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