After screwing around to try to figure out how to mount this old android phone to my truck to get a speed run, it is finally done! I have used two separate apps, and they were both fairly consistent. I need to go out to a parking lot tomorrow so I can actually open it up and get a speed reading on it, but tonight I did a couple runs on the dead end road that we live on, and I got a reading of 51 mph. I know I didn't have it opened all of the way up though. Right now I am running an 8200 Mah SPC 3s 30c (I know it is super heavy for this truck, but its the only 3s I had handy), and 18/54 gearing with a center diff on the stock VXL system. I know this isn't very useful to anyone else, but I just wanted to share with someone else at 2:20 AM