Some of you may remember my custom LCG BB Rally build from a year or so ago. If you missed it or want to check it out again HERE YOU GO.

It was pretty fast and fun to drive, but the huge motor made for inconsistent handling from one side to the other, and thus a worthless drift car. I tried to balance it out but could never get it to handle the way I wanted. I ended up swapping bulkheads with my Merv, and putting the Rally into basically Stock VXL form. When I sold my Merv the buyer wanted it with the stock chassis and electronics, so I ripped them both apart again, and the Rally had been sitting in a pile of pieces ever since.

Long story, well, long...I picked up a Kyle Busch roller off the bay for $75 and started collecting parts to put it all back together. She's finally back in one piece, and just waiting for me to get a chance to paint up the body and she'll be back on the road.

Here's the List.

4370Kv motor
35 amp Esc
Hyperion EX 2S 2200 mAh 45C/90C batts
HiTec HS 5085 servo w/ aluminum arm
Traxxas CVDs
RPM Arms
RPM Hubs
HR Pushrods
HR Adjustable Rockers (P2 rears on the Front & P3 rears on the Back)
HR Wheel adapters
HR Servo Guards
STRC Motor Plate
GPM Shocks Front & Rear
Custom Titanium Toe Links
RcScrewz Stainless Hardware
Steel Hollow balls and Bearings in Rockers & Steering

I'm sure I forgot a couple of things, but you get the point.

Here's the Pics.

And Here's a teaser of my new body that will be going on it. No Hatchbacks or "Muscle" cars for this guy

Hopefully I'll get a chance to paint up the body soon, and I'll be able to post up some completed pics.