Hi guys, i have got a hpi nitro truck and it is my birthday coming up soon and i want an other truck. I want a traxxas and the trucks i am looking at are: Traxxas slash 4x4, slash 2wd and merv (all would be brushless). I only bash on concrete and dirt. I know it is a bit weird looking at the 2wd when i can buy the 4x4 but if i got the 4x4 i would not be able to buy any upgrades or extras, but if i got the 2wd i would! I am also looking at the merv because i am just going on concrete and dirt and i didn't think it would matter having small wheels. I will be jumping it and i am not that experienced so i will be crashing it alot.
Please give suggestions and reasons and i am open to different trucks and stuff. Thank you!