I just purchased a new TQi from the local hobby shop. Got home, replaced the receiver in my car, put the batteries in the transmitter and turned it on. All was good. I then downloaded the Traxxas Link App and as soon as the transmitter is connected, it tells me I have to upgrade the firmware to continue. I select the only available option, 'Proceed', which brings me to the version information screen. It finds the transmitter successfully with '2.0.44 to 2.1.56' next to it. The bottom button turns blue and says 'Touch Here to Proceed With The Firmware Update'. Selecting it brings me to a new screen with a single centered button saying 'Begin Update'. I select the button and the status label changes to 'Getting information from transmitter...' Almost immediately it changes to 'No response to the last packet. Retrying...'. After a moment, the screen changes to say 'Failed after too many retries. Please turn off and on the transmitter and vehicle and try again.' with a new button saying 'Retry Update'. If I select retry, same thing happens.

I have tried power cycling both the transmitter and receiver. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the iPhone app. Rebooting the iPhone. Resetting the model memory of the transmitter to factory defaults and rebinding the transmitter and receiver. It will not install the update and it's extremely disappointing. Please advise.