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    Hibernating in my basement, trying to see just how many RC projects i can work on at one time!!
    Today, I tried to give myself total exhaustion. Instead of going to bed when I got off of work at 6 am, I started putting primer on the walls of my den. I had already taped off one wall and wasn't sure how much I was going to do. The next thing I know, it's 4pm and my wife walks in. Got three walls done. Man, oil based Kilz primer is some rough stuff. Every window wide open. The taping around the fireplace and taping down dropcloths took some time. I also had to move all kinds of boxes as this was our staging area. We want to get my den done because a lot of big stuff goes in there, and we can get a storage locker emptied out. Not to worry, I took a nap for four hours, so I might be throwing some red paint on some basement work tomorrow!

    I don't mind the paneling, but my wife says it has to go...

    Everybody else had homemade tacos and they dropped me off some. I didn't have time to assemble everything, so I just cut up a tea jug to make a bowl. No dishes in here yet!!

    Always a great helper......

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