I got a new TRAXXAS Stampede today and i need some help charging the battery. It came with a cell phone like charger and that thing takes 8hrs To charge. It's a 3000mah 8.4v 7cell NiMH battery. So i put it on my Thunder ac 680 charger and i set it to 3.0 amp and started charging. I have no idea when the battery is done. The battery sais it's an 8.4v battery but the voltage was going in the 10.80v range and the battery was veary hot, So i stoped the charge. The battery sais to charge it at 3amp for the best charge and it should get warm at the end of the charge. But it was HOT. I dont know how i should charge this battery, My charger is capable of charging these kinds of batts and when i use it to charge my 11.1v 2200mah 25c heli batterys, Those batterys dont even get warm.

So how do i charge this NiMH battery?

This is the charger i have, http://www.hobbypartz.com/73p-ac680-accharger.html