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    traxxas rock crawler?

    so i love me some traxxas!!!! i have a summit and a slash, and sad to say just bough a losi night crawler i am excited about the rock crawling seen but wish traxxas would come out with a 1/10 scale rock crawler, any one hear of these guys maken one?

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    Haven't heard anything. I hear ya though, if they had one I'd have gotten that instead of the Summit. Crawling with the Summit must be like 4x4'ing with a works but it's huge and kind of cumbersome. I've seen people put 0 offset wheels and tires on a p4de, super thick oil in the diffs, sensored motor, etc etc, to make a trail crawler, but its not the same as a fully articulating crawler.

    As traxxas doesn't make what you're looking for so I probably can't get in trouble for mentioning it, google G-Made Crawler, they've got a pretty wicked looking kit that I was interested in a while ago.
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    I would love to see a solid axle scaler
    Or maybe KOH rig like the wraith

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    geuss we can only hope and see what they come up with , i dont think they can ignore the rock crawling scene much longer!

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    I would not mind seeing a dedicated crawler from traxxas, but until then my summit is still doing a great job.
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