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    Thinking of buying an e revo brushless???, last rc car was Tamiya lunch box back in 1986 . Do you recommend this car for me & please help with battery's, should I buy traxxas lipos, Need help as I ain't got a clue, thanks, from the uk.

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    Hey mate, I remeber the luch box. Taking me back to my youth.

    I recently got back into RC Cars and I am loving the E-revo. I would definately recommend this truck as it is great all round and pretty tough out the box. The only problem I find with the brushless system ESC is that it is not water proof, so beware if you plan on running your truck in wet conditions.

    It can be waterrproofed, you will void your warranty though. I recently did it to mine...with the few tests that I have done playing in wet conditions it seems to be OK.

    I am running 2x3s 30c 5000ma lipos, and with a few hop-ups my truck is holding up OK to the brutality I put it under. There are plenty of good lipos out there to choose from. Make sure you check the diminsions before purchase so that they will fit in the battery bay.

    Go through this thread, it may help with your decision:
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    Go for it but start with 2/2s....

    This is a good start..
    Just don't buy no name Ebay batts...

    2S 9000 x 28C = 252,000 divide 1000 = 252 amps
    2S 8000 x 28C = 224,000 divide 1000 = 224 amps
    3S 5200 x 40C = 208,000 divide 1000 = 208 amps
    2S 4700 x 25C = 117,500 divide 1000 = 117.5 amps
    ^I run in my Summit.. ^ Requires proper gearing^

    ( mah x c rating / 1000 = amps)

    more amps the better / minimun of 120 amps.

    The ESC will only draw the amount of amps it needs.

    Higher the mAh the longer the runtime.
    For brushless systems 8000 mAh about 45 min & a 5000 mAh about 30 min.
    Times are longer for brushed systems.

    Batts in series double the voltage:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 4s 20c 5000mah

    Batts in parallel double the mah capacity:
    2x 2s 20c 5000mah = 2s 20c 10,000mah.

    A temp gun is kind of a must have.....

    Hot motor + cool esc = under geared.
    Cool motor + hot esc = over geared
    Everything warm just right..

    Motor ~ 180/190*F (82/88*C) maximum, ideally 140/160*F (60/71*C), temps can be 10*F higher inside the motor
    ESC ~ pretty much same temps / Fan comes on @ 150*F (65*C)
    Lipo's ~ 140*F (60*C) max, ideally 100/120*F (38/49*C).........

    Besure to check sizing before you buy any batteries...

    In time some batteries will become discontinued...

    No particular order as to good, better, or best....


    With larger Lipo battery wires, you might need to - enlarge the exit hole on battery doors....
    or run wires out the vents..

    Direct Fit...........
    2s GensAce 5000 mAh 40c
    2s Gensace 5300mah 30c softcase packs
    2s HiCountryHobbies/Billowy Power 5200 mAh 50c
    2s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    2s RC DUDE Power 5000 mah 35c
    2S Sky Lipo 5000 mah 40C -- fit snugly
    2s SPC 5000 mah 25C hard case
    2s SPC 5200 mAh 40C
    2s SPC 5400 mAh 50C hard case
    2s SPC 6000 mAh 30C hard case
    2s SPC 8200 mAh 30c
    2s SMC 5400 mAh 50c
    2s SMC 6000 mAh 28c
    2s SMC 8000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s SMC 9000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s SMC 9200 mAh 50C
    2s Team Orion carbon 7000 35c
    2s Thunder Power 45-90c 5000mah
    2s ******* ******** 6000mah 25-50c
    2s Traxxas 5800 mAh 25c
    2s Traxxas 7600 mAh 25c

    Mod's.............remove retainers & back out or trim screws if they extend into battery compartment
    2s SPC 8200mAh/40C
    2s ******* 30c 5000 mAh soft - Extend Batt Door Out
    2S ******* 5200 mAh 5.2 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2S ******* 5000 mAh 5.0 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2s ***** ********* 5000 mAh 30C hardcase

    Direct Fit..............
    3s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    3s Max Amps -6000xls
    3s Team Orion Carbon 4700 mAh 45C
    3s Kypom K6 6000 mAh
    3s RC DUDE Power 5000 mAh 35c snug 29mm tall
    3s HiCountryHobbies Billowy Power 5200 mAh 50c snug 28mm tall
    3s ***** 5000 mAh 30c
    3s *********x 5800 mAh 30c

    Mod's..............remove retainers & back out or trim screws if they extend into battery compartment
    3s SMC 5600 mAh 50C
    3s SMC 5500 mAh 28c
    3S SPC 5200 mAh 40C soft case
    3s SPC 5400 mAh 50C soft-case
    3s Thunder Power 3s 45-90c 5000mah
    3s Traxxas 5000 mAh 25c
    3s ******* ******** 6.0 6000 mAh 25-50c
    3s ******* 5000 mAh 30c soft - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out

    4s ******* 4000 mAh 30c - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out (Same size as the ******* 3s 5000mah 30c soft)
    4s ******* ******** 4500 mAh 25c

    Traxxas link to batteries

    battery compartment:
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    I just got the brushless E-Revo a couple weeks ago. I started running 6s straight out of the box. As long as you are careful you won't destroy your truck by starting out with 6s. One word of advice though. Be careful with the Castle ESC. Also buy some extra drive shafts and spur gears. I broke a drive shaft on the first run and stripped a spur gear a few runs later. I also already have a new slipper clutch on the way. It is the Robinson Racing one with the steel spur gear. The stock slipper is not the best by any means.

    Now that I have had it for a little while I have managed not to break anything else. The E-Revo is one bad mo-fo. I say go for it!

    Also, this is my first post here. Hopefully, the first of many!
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    Watch the hard breaking,crazy fast take offs, and tame down the esc via castle link will help prolong the differentials.
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    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    Thanks guys for all your replys, I'm defiantly going to get one, I'll have to work on the wife first lol, did have my eye on the xo-1, looks a bit fast for my first rc though, nice looking car. Thanks again for the advice guys. Love the forum.

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    Won't the ******* 3S 40C 5000mAh fit? According to specs its 145 x 50 x 27mm. Reviews don't look so hot. If i have a Gen Ace 2S 40C 5000mAh, any concerns with running this in series with this *******?

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    Just my .02 cents...listen to what 87GN says to the "T". I have listened to everything he has suggested and he has never been wrong. He told me get dual 2s batteries first - I did. He told me to upgrade my Spur gear before going to 5s/6s - I did and my ERBE is running flawlessly.

    Im always shocked to hear guys say "Oh yeah I run 6s...but just make sure you upgrade A, B, C, D, and E so it can handle the power/speed... To me that means you are putting the ERBE through more than it was made to do... If you have to upgrade something because it broke due to running 6s - my suggestion would be to not run 6s... No one needs that kind of speed unless you race in a competition format.
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    Ditto...I'm running 21/54 on 4S per GN's suggestion as well...low 50's all day and more than enough nice and reliable!
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    +2 on 87GN........this isn't his first rodeo. I’m running 18/58 on 4s. I haven’t broken anything yet and the only thing I have upgraded is to HPP hubs, HPP motor mount.

    Now don’t get me wrong I have done other things, like suspension setup (oil, springs, VDR kit, Tekno Sway Bar), aluminum pushrods and I’m still working on a good rear brace mod……I’m trying to mod the mod. LOL

    My advice to most would be to run 4s for a while to get used to the truck…….spend the extra money that you were going to spend on upgrades and fixing what you brake on a good charging system.

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