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    Quote Originally Posted by 50togo View Post
    Just because the speed calculator says a car can do over 70 does not mean it can.
    I found a long stretch up the canyon in Angeles crest in the mountains.have to get a pass to park first.
    Lowering it and foams w/drift gyro didn't solve my problem. Any little imperfection in the road and I mean little under hard throttle and it would still wheelie
    My slash has the same problem. Its useless on 12 cells with the stock system.

    You would have to run it on perfectly flat, smooth asphalt only. It wouldn't even work on concrete.

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    Bet it's fun taking it up there though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttThree View Post
    You only ran a 1/4 mile, maybe the slash needed more lenght to come up to speed, this could be the case because other members have mentioned that the slash need longer distance due to weight and aero. You are only talking about reaching a certan speed in a certan distance, that does not tell us anything about the final top speed of these vehicles.

    How about the other things imentioned:
    - Tires
    - Ballongnin
    - Internal gearing
    - Battery power (did you made both runs on 100% newly charged battery)
    - Aerodynamics

    You have one big flaw in your argument and that is your only proved that the merv can accelerate to a certan speed faster then the slash, which probably run out of space before it could hit its final top speed.

    Also what speed did the merv and slash hit? I would perfer a GPS device mounted.
    no the track is longer then a quarter mile, the slash easily hit top speed At the quarter mile mark
    Slash rocks!!!

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