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    I am wanting to put the RPM true-track on my emaxx along with getting the standard RPM arms and knuckles for the front. My question is the true-track kit says it comes with (2) 6x15 and (2) 12x21 bearings. But when I go to get the knuckles for the front of the truck to go with the a-arms I buying separate, they say the knuckles come with (4) 6x15 bearings. Why would they give you (4) of the 6x15's and not (2) 6x15's and (2) 12x21's? And what is the thickness measurement on the 12x21's so I can buy them from somewhere else to complete the kit?
    Am I reading this incorrectly? Or do the front ones only use the 6x15's

    Nevermind... I figured it out. The old style T/Emaxx used all 6x15 bearings where the new style T/Emaxx and revos use (2) 6x15 & (2) 12x21's.
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