Hi guys

Got a little issue, im trying to charge the stock Traxxas Power Cell 8,4V NiMH 3000mah with the stock charger what came with my Traxxas Slash 2WD VXL, first charge went fine and it took about 8hours or so like manual said

the car runned fined no problems etc, but when i began to charge the battery a second time next day, it charged and charged and charged some more, it runned about 10-11h and the charger was still not showing its full, the battery was kinda hot so i unplugged it right away and have not touched it after that

do i dare to try to charge it again or should i take this as a dead battery, i have not plugged it into my vehicle cus it didnt charge in normal time so didnt want to risc my slashes health.

I charged the stock battery only once and with the stock charger, the battery and the car is no more than 5days old, im not planning to send the battery to warranty cus im using 2S Lipo 4200mAh anyway, just wanted to know is it safe to even try charging this battery pack anymore

After the first drive with the nihm battery i took the battery out of the car right away, and the battery sitted in a battery safety bag about 24hours before next charge, and i have been keeping it on dark cabin away from sunlight/heat and moisture