Greetings all,
I'm new to the Community having decided to splurge on a new RC truck since my first MRC Tamiya Frog thatI built way back in mid 80's.

I met up with my brother at a dragstrip he races at halfway between where I'm currently working at and where he lives over Memorial day weekend. He told at the end of the day some guys break out the RC vehicles and race around to have some fun after a hard day of racing. order to participate I basically the same setup he has except I have a different body color configuration than he has. He was telling me how he got a 3S battery and how it was almost too much to handle. Wanting to be somewhat competitive I bought a Dynamite Speedpack 6000 battery though the LHS guy pointed to a Speedpack 5300. I figured the 6000 would give me more run and decided that was the way to go. After getting home and finding out the 6000 is thicker than the standard battery bracket I'm going to have run out to the HS tomorrow to get one that'll hold the battery in place.

Now for a few questions. Is the Speedpack 6000 battery OK? Other than the thickness are there any other issues I should watch out for? Is a cooling fan recommended? I now see others talking about other battery brands. What makes the others a better choice?

I bought a Duratrax Onyx 245 charger. The HS owner said it should take a few hours for the battery to charge up but I could swear I had it charging for only about 45 minutes when the charger started playing a tune. Is this a realistic charge time? If so I guess I'm happier since it means I won't have buy as many batteries.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

Thank in advance....Sprags