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Thread: Biggest Motor

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    Biggest Motor

    Whats the biggest motor someone has ever put in a slash 4x4?

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    I put a mamba monster 2650Kv in my slash. just need to move receiver box to behind the front shock tower and the stock motor plates bolts right up to the 2650 you have to run a 4s lipo with at least a 50c. but all in all a 2650 is WAY to much motor for the truck i had a hard time keeping the wheels on the ground and if i did i would just flip over due to the body catching to much air.

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    on another forum i see a motor fitted to a slash that makes the MMM look tame but as already mentioned keeping the car on the ground is impossible.
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    there was a guy on youtube who put a 1521 neu in his on 6S. he ripped the driveshafts to pieces and the tires were torn up 20 seconds after it was tested.
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