So this will be my thread, samk's bigblock merv build. Using Monster Mamba Max 5700 KV 4 pole motor.

On this hobby which began a few short months ago, I have spent so far $2,147 and this includes the truck and some spares i have laying around. Some parts i had purchased were a big mistake and got binned.

I tested aluminium skid plates & aluminium wheeliebar and was a waste of money, also waste was the HR servo protector...

------ MY CURRENT SETUP ------


I use only 3S LIPO POWER in series and use the Traxxas EZ-Peakô Plus 6-Amp Charger
I use 2 Traxxas LiPo Battery 3 Cell 25C 11.1V 1400mAh
I also have 4 ******** 3 S lipos 40-80 C discharge 11.1v 1400 mAh


Pro-Line Slipstream Clear Body that i still need to paint


Hot Racing Black rear Aluminum Body Post Mount
Hot Racing Black rear Aluminum Body Post
Hot Racing Aluminum Wing Mount
T-BONE front bumper
T-BONE rear bumper with wheelie attachment.
RC Screwz Stainless Steel Screw is cool and good to have!


Traxxas GTR Hard Anodized Shocks
Aluminum Shock Damper Adjuster Ring
Summit GTR Shock Spring 2.77 Rate for the front and rear i use purple which i believe is 2.9x
Hot Racing Black Aluminum Rear and Front Shock Damper Tower
GH rocker arms front and rear
70 weight oil in shocks
Steel Machined Hollow Balls everywhere.


Hot Racing Black Aluminum Knuckle Hubs
Lunsford Racing Titanium Pivot Balls front and rear... pricey
RPM Black Front & Rear A Arm Set
Traxxas Assembled Steel CV Driveshaft Set
Traxxas Aluminium Push rods
Traxxas Aluminum Toe Links
Traxxas Steel Center Drive Shaft


Following advise on the board, shimmed the diffs using Team Associated Shim set
Hot Racing Black Aluminum Rear Bulkhead
Hot Racing Black Aluminum Front Bulkhead
Hot Racing Black Aluminum Gear Box
Hot Racing Hardened steel Center Gear set (not sure i like this one)
30K diff lube...


Proline Mini 1/16 Revo Road Rage Street Rim & Tires


MMP with the 5700 KV 4 pole motor
I have the Tenbol mount but currently using the summit parts (thicker motor mount plate, gear cover etc)
I did not have to cut the receiver box and using 31/50 gearing


I still need: servo from Hongkong but in the mean time i have the replacement gears to go through.

I did not have to cut the receiver box with the 31/50 gearing but i would like to drop to 28 but i think i will need to cut the box for that or use the tenbol mount.

I have the differential on the way as i would like the front to be on the ground more often