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Thread: Spare parts

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    Spare parts

    So I finally got a merv and I love it.I run 2x 2s lipos and I have svimmel the diffs
    So there spare parts that I must have that often brake, Is stub axles something that often brake since I had one stripp out today, just so I know its not something caused by the shiMs and I took 1shim in the front and 2 in the rear is that something I should change?
    Any repliance is appreciated

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    get two of everything that you intend to break - seriously I thought I had everything I would need on my vacation and an 8 mm screw nearly had me down - buy as you break its easier

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    Ok thank how many shims did you use if you did shim? And do you have traxxas gtr shocks?

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    Shim count is going to be different for everyone. I used 3 most of the time...

    I had a LOT of spare parts... enough to practically build another RC if I had enough screws. Honestly, the only part I ever broke was a ring and pinion; on 3S with no punch control.

    This is what I had when I very rarely walked away broke.

    Steel hollow balls (7028x) to reduce slop
    3M mushroom tape along battery doors to hold the body on
    Aluminum knuckles to reduce slop and add strength (I have HR but recommend GPM or GH)
    A BlueBird 390 servo due to the stock being known to fry/strip itself
    RPM a arms at all four corners (Front-80692, Rear-80602)
    Center differential (7014) upgrade to help handle the power of
    2200mah 2S 20C LiPo's ran in parallel for ~1 hour run times
    23/50 gearing gets me to ~30mph yet keeps temps in check
    Shimmed front and rear bulkheads... *LINK*

    Especially do that last part... extremely cheap preventative procedure.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Break is not the same as Brake. (One is a failure, one slows you down).

    If svimmel means shimmed then as long as you are not binding you are good to go.

    What Jimmie recommends is REALLY good, at improving the Car, but ABSOLUTELY necessary for running lipos?

    A-Arms, Servo, and knuckles. Knuckles because traxxas ones shatter like candy loving kids teeth on a jawbreaker, and a-arms snap every other cartwheel. (Can't upgrade arms without upgrading knuckles cuz it puts stress on the knuckles). Lastly the servo that comes with the car will fail, not IF, when. Not in a crash, just driving and turning. Gotta reemmeber, same servo is turning MSV wheels, MERV wheels and MSUMV wheels. See the problem? BTW it fails even on the tiny wheels of the MSV.

    Most people recommend a 5+ Kg metal gear servo for the MERV. Can't imagine what is recommend for after market shoes.
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    Arms, pushrod, Servo.
    The Stock wing is also known as a Part which wont least so long. The ofna 1/12 wing is a good alternative.
    You can also think about buying the TBone Pack. Its a good Investment. ;-)

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