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    Here we are again, new tires, with all things I do, its "go big or go home", so I got some 2.8 Trenchers and belted them with gorilla tape, twice. I used my "Dremel" with wire brush to rough up the bead so they would stick the best they could. I must say, I absolutely hate rims with channels for the bead now, these are SO MUCH easier to glue.

    One done!


    Ready for a "rim job"...

    All ready for glue.


    I must say, these have some REALLY beefy tread and I'm REALLY excited to try them out. They look like they would tear anything up with the huge lugs.

    My new 2.8 trenchers weigh in at 390 grams with two rounds of gorilla tape, whereas the old worn out SC trenchers weigh 240 grams with no tape.

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