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    1/16 Summit XL - Servo smoke => ESC unresponsive

    Traxxas shipped me out a new servo right away when I called to tell them my old one started smoking (truck run a dozen or so times). But after hooking it up, the ESC is completely unresponsive. Won't even light up. any thoughts? Did it get fried too?

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    It may have... call Traxxas again.. explain to them everything and they just might send you a new ESC.
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    i don't know
    Call traxxas. They will send a new servo and esc. I think esc's are still on backorder right now, though.
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    RE: Servo & ESC failure, That combination is puzzling to me. My kid had the same failure on his Grave Digger, and I have no clue as to why. His was in training mode when it happened. Any ideas? My LHS contacted Traxxas for me, they replaced the servo, ESC, and motor! I then installed the dual servo setup, and have had NO problems!


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