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    New Slash Owner!! Info please

    Ok I have been messing with RC trucks for a little while now I've had vxl erevo, emaxx MM 2200kv, vxl stampede. All built with rpm everything! I've never been into the slash thought they was dumb and goofy looking. Well I sold my vxl Stamp and bought a slash for my wife she wanted it and well the next day I traded my build Emaxx for a Slash that is fully rpm everything!

    Now I know the motors heat up very easy as my Stamp did my question is for anyone what's some good fans and should I cut any holes in the body anywhere?? Also I'm looking at shocks I was thinking Pro Line.... Please give me your input!!

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    Unless you cut out some portions of the transmission case (someone did it on the forum semi-recently), you can't really place a fan over the motor, but there is a fan from traxxas for the esc. RC Boca makes a heat sink for the slash which would help with dissipating the heat. If you don't mind paying the price, then the pro-line shocks are a good buy. I personally haven't had any experience with them, but some people on the forum have had good results with them.
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    Integy makes a heatsink with fans that snaps onto the motor. It works.
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