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    Thinking of getting a Slash ultimate. What do I need?

    I have a Revo 3.3 and I'm new to electric. I'm going to Chicago in 2 weeks and I'm thingking of getting a slash ultimate. From what I've read, I only need a lipo battery and lipo charger.

    Looking at the Traxxas EZ-Peakô Plus LiPo-Compatible Balance Charger.
    For the battery, I'm looking at ******* 2S 30C 5800.

    The reason is I want to race with others. There are no races for MT.

    Anything else I need? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Deep pockets.............and:

    The slash ultimate is very good and most recognise you're better off buying the ultimate over basic. You are right really all you need is the lipos but here are some recommendations to KEEP it running:

    Large bearing motor mount - stock is no up to the job - fact - I replaced this after only 5 or so runs and it was already ruined

    Motor heat sink
    Mix of pinions
    RPM spare Arms/Front Bumper
    Stronger CVDs (MIP or equiv.) - essential if going above 2s
    Outerwears shroud
    RPM body mounts (wouldn't bother about shock towers unless you break stock - uncommon)
    Depending on surfaces run on - something to stop crud entering driveshaft - either Proline undertray or any of the other "fixes" - do a search! - the undertray is heavy so a bit of shrink wrap round the driveshaft is a good cheap alternative

    RPM Rear bumper +/- lights and mud flaps - just complete the SC look
    Spare Shell - get some shoe goo and dry wall tape too
    Body clips - I loose loads when bashing
    Better tyres - I like Schumacher sc spikes for track and Proline trenchers for bashing, badlands are good too

    Don't use ally for body towers or suspension arms
    Generally avoid integy products, except fans - mostly junk but fans are quiet good I hear

    Don't rush to change:
    Shocks - ultimate big bores are quiet good - get a range of springs tho - slay dens set up is good to find out which
    Body towers - stock are good - never broken one
    Motor - stock is good, esc is a little temperamental (quiet a few die but Traxxas have very good customer service and usually replace, no q's asked - but takes time)

    If I knew then what I do now and I raced seriously, for racing only, I'd consider, Mabey a different truck (sorry I'm not a sinner - I only have a slash 4x4 - it's an excellent basher but COG is high so needs a lot of work to get competitive - UNLESS, you get a LCG chassis). What I'd have done is built from Scratch - buy a roller & LCG chassis, probably velion/hobbywing motor/esc, MIP rears, rest of stuff stock Traxxas - still cheaper than alternatives, proving to be competitive chassis, reliable Traxxas drive chain and motor - but I've had great fun with my slash and I'd never swap to a competitor manufacturer - I want to see how far we can get the truck that started the trend :0) and one thing that CAN be said for the slash 4x4 is its one of the strongest, most versatile, fun chassis out there - from what I've heard none of the competitors come close in the durability standings

    Good luck and have fun -;0)
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    Thanks for the info.

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