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    Goodness, no winning ever for me...

    So I got my GF a Proboat BL Shockwave 26 to play with while I am playing with the Spartan. Well for some reason our first 30 seconds into the water, I managed to ramp her boat and flip mine.

    Boat sinks to where it points up like a rocket, down maybe 10 mins. Pull it out, dry it out let sit overnight.

    All works well. Take it for a spin, drain a pair of batteries set it up for the night.

    Next day,went to plug in a new charged set of batteries and POP goes my receiver and smokes like a champ.

    Get another TX/RX combo out and sure enough it fried my receiver and my servo.

    lol I could have built this boat 5 times over with all the darn parts I have had to buy.

    I am kind of at a loss at how it fried the receiver and servo though, batteries plug into the ESC lol.
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    They got wet! That's how. Lol. When you sink a boat that bad you have to take it all apart and dry everything!

    PS rx and servo connected to power through the esc! Water power short puff the devil smoke comes out!
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    I've had days like that

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