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    Help, spartan from eBay, shoud I buy?

    Hi, I've got a chance to buy a Spartan from eBay UK, he wants 280 for it, Brand new in the UK 385. He says he has only run 7-8 times then packed away, it's not the blue or the red, it's all black with orange moster decals, he said he bought it like that from the hobby store, I must admit it looks good.
    My questions are is that a good price for second hand spartan, what about the colour as I've only seen them in the stock colours + will I have to spend any money on hop ups before I run?

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    Well I think when he went to go to the hobby shop he bought it but there was a previous owner. They only come in red/white blue/white or all red if you get snap on edition. The only upgrades you really should get fast Would be a better cooling jacket and batteries

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    Something doesn't sound quite right. As confirmed the color of the boat is custom, not stock, so it sounds like the seller may not be 100% upfront disclosing details about the ownership.

    The price sounds "reasonable" if you can confirm to your satisfaction the boat is in good running condition, is complete, and that it has in fact only been run a few times, by all previous owners.

    Also, be sure to add shipping cost to compare fairly against the cost of a new one.


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