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    Mugs' embe

    Well Here is my EMBE. Do not profess to know it all, but have picked up a few things along the way which will hopefully prove to be useful to others out there.

    First thing I did was tap into the power of 6s Lipo's. Word of advice, probably better if you don't jump straight in with 6s Lipo as I did as you end up spending a bit on broken bits.

    So,as most of us know, the stock EMaxx does have a few "issues" with durability. So after a few mild jumps and crashes (seriously nothing hectic) the repair bill was mounting up so I decided to go Aluminium crazy as you can see.

    Upgraded Shock Towers, Shocks, Upper & Lower Arms, Toe Links, Chassis Braces, Skid Plates (incl. Centre) and Bulkheads. After having run these for awhile and now with the benefit of hindsight I can say that not all was needed to be upgraded. If you are worried about adding too much weight to your truck or strapped for cash I would say that the Upper Arms can be kept plastic as well as Centre Skid Plate. I would still keep all else Aluminium for strength and rigidity (having the Chassis Braces, Bulkheads & Skid Plates Aluminium and connected together gives a very nice rigid underside of the truck and too date due to this I have had no need to upgrade the Chassis itself to Aluminium and have avoided all the pain (time & money) that goes with changing this out.

    In addition, I have rubberised my ESC to make it Waterproof. Did this with paint-on ruberising product. There is a bit of work involved in doing this, but if you plan to run through water or in snow, would definately say it is the way to go.

    And added Shock Boots (fingers from Latex Gloves). Have made a big difference in keeping shocks clean and working properly. Have to date not lost shock travel or movement and am racing on some seriously dusty track

    Current on the cards project is to make my own "bulletproof body". Watch this post for updates.
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