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    Traxxas Telemetry Setup / Installation

    Okay -

    Today I called support and got hit head to head with no real support which really disappoints me.

    I bought a Revo Nitro 3.3 #5309 this is my 5th Traxxas product and second revo....

    Any way I bought all the pieces for the telemetry system and there is no guide of any sort for install and the tech on the phone couldn't provide anything either. I was promised a call back but that never happened.

    I got the temp sensor and voltage working but cannot get the rpm sensor to read..... My flywheel has a magnet installed in it already from the factory.... (yes i even double checked)

    The sensor mount comes with three pieces marked a, b, and c. The tech could not tell me which one to use for this vehicle but to play process of elimination......

    I pulled the tranny and full engine to get this installed played edit getting engine back in place with the two washers. (Tech told me engine just rotates out so I only have to remove 1 screw... yeah that didnt work the engine cannot pass through the opening and goes in on in angle so both sides have to be removed.)

    Anyway I set it up with the only piece that came remotely close to the flywheel but it does not align behind it nor in front or alongside of it. It sits behind and to the side and this was the only piece that really fit.

    The actual sensor was installed with the side with the wire coming out of the back towards the rear of the engine and the smooth portion facing towards the front of the car.

    Anyone have this installed, setup, with a photo and some notes on how this may work?

    I'm doubting the tech will be calling me back.... He claimed he was going to try to install it himself and call me back in an hour.... that was 8 hours ago....... anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. I cannot believe that a company of this size that took the time to engineer the sensors and mounts cant get a tech and a web-admin to put together a online install guide or at least a text guide... a crude assembly drawing diagram like many Chinese toys / furniture / etc would even work.

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