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    monster Jam bodies and body post for stampede 4x4

    So I just got a Maximum destruction body for my Stampede 4 X4 and the guy at my local RC shop sold me some body mounst/ post he said I would need ( #3619 monster jam posts). So I started assembling it and found out that non of the holes line up. Has anyone out there run into this problem and found a solution or is there some modification to get these onto the stampede 4x4 shock uprights.

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    The body posts for the monster jam bodies are different because the monster jam trucks are on the stampede 4x2 chassis. The easiest way to make it work without modifying the mounts would probably be to make holes in the body that line up with your mounts. Downside would be the extra holes in the body.

    There is a thread on how a grave digger body was fitted to a stampede 4x4 body in this forum. It may give you ideas on how you can mount the body posts.

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    Yeh, thought about a Monster Mutt body. But sounds like a little extra work to make it fit right.
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    I have the Max D body on my pede. hard to explain how i did it so as soon as i can I will post a pic for you. just dont cut out holes to fit the existing body'll ruin the body.
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