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    Slash body on an E-Maxx

    I am a new owner of an E-Maxx. I am looking for bodies for it. My question is does anyone know if you can put the new Slash 2010 Dodge body on an E-Maxx? I am a Dodge person so of course I am trying to find a good Dodge body for my E-Maxx. Thanks for info you can get me

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    Im sure you could get it to fit w little modifications
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    Look at the dymentions on like towerhobbies or somethin for a slash body and a Maxx body and U'll b able to see if it will be close. The main thing is length. if its to long or short it wont work right, next is wheelbase, will the wheels line up with the wheel wells, and then with, especially will the front wheels rub against the body when fully turned.

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